Underground DX, an essential ally for the mines !


The exploration, characterization, exploitation and monitoring of underground galleries require numerous data collection, measurements and site analysis. It is therefore essential for stakeholders to use image acquisition and 3D modeling in order to represent the work environment and its structural characteristics as accurately as possible. What is the Underground DX ? In this context, the […]

Measurement and sampling technology to reduce your ecological footprint


As indicated in our first article “As manufacturers, why adopt new eco-responsible practices?”, we wanted to show you a simple method of approach to reduce your environmental footprint. In this article, we present the advantages of the “DronexpAIR” technology for the stages of diagnosis, validation of corrective actions and preventive monitoring. Embedded drone technology is […]

How can the DroneXpAIR become a decision-making aid to reduce your ecological footprint ?


In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies, the DroneXperts team has innovated by offering the various stakeholders the “DroneXpAIR“. This drone-embedded system is an essential tool for monitoring ambient air quality. It intervenes in the fight against contaminants and atmospheric pollutants thanks to its measurement and sampling systems. […]

Drone-based environmental monitoring systems


DroneXperts is thus a technology integration and development company allowing the development of new markets and new drone solutions in different fields. DroneXperts is ready to participate in your R&D projects and/or integration of new technologies embedded in drones, regardless of the time or the stages of implementation. Project development and monitoring Our team of […]