How can the DroneXpAIR become a decision-making aid to reduce your ecological footprint ?

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In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies, the DroneXperts team has innovated by offering the various stakeholders the “DroneXpAIR“. This drone-embedded system is an essential tool for monitoring ambient air quality. It intervenes in the fight against contaminants and atmospheric pollutants thanks to its measurement and sampling systems.

Taking measurements and sampling by drone is an innovative method that is based on essential key innovations: a tool providing 3 different sampling methods and a real-time gas concentration measurement device, as well as software allowing remote use and manipulation of on-board instrumentation.

The benefits of the drone

Perform measurements and air sampling in hard-to-reach places (industrial chimneys; landfills; maritime transport, unsafe places and other inaccessible areas).

DroneXpAIR innovations :

  • 3 standardized methods of simultaneous sampling during the same flight to adapt to the needs of the industry ;
  • Measure gas concentrations in real time, up to 7 different gases if desired. See the list of main gases: examples of GHG emissions associated with different activities ;
  • Retrieval of georeferenced data from the measurement system for subsequent analysis and mapping of gas emissions (Emission Points) as appropriate.

This technology was created in collaboration with recognized organizations whose credibility is well established :

  • CRIQ – Investment Quebec ;
  • Center of expertise in environmental analysis – CEAEQ – of the Ministry of the Environment and the fight against climate change Quebec ;
  • Aeromon, specialized in ambient air measurement by drone.

Take the lead, equip yourself with a decision support tool to reduce your ecological footprint !

Performing air sampling and sampling with this technology will allow you to collect precise data with standardized methods for assessing the toxicity of air contaminants and pollutants.

It makes it possible to measure the main contaminants present in the ambient air (Ex.: CO2, H2S, CH4, N2O) which are highlighted by the Ministry of the Environment and the fight against climate change Quebec, our partner, in the landfills and industrial sites.

The DroneXpAIR is involved in the following stages of the implementation of your actions to reduce your ecological footprint :

  • Diagnosis aid ;
  • Validation of corrective action results ;
  • Preventive follow-ups over time.

You should also know that the laboratory analysis from the samples makes it possible to trace several dozen contaminants (even in very low concentrations) and this in addition to the 7 gases targeted by the various sensors which measure the air in real time. This analysis will not only detect and quantify the presence of the gases sought, but also highlight the presence of other gases in the ambient air.



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