Drone-based environmental monitoring systems

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DroneXperts is thus a technology integration and development company allowing the development of new markets and new drone solutions in different fields. DroneXperts is ready to participate in your R&D projects and/or integration of new technologies embedded in drones, regardless of the time or the stages of implementation.

Project development and monitoring

Our team of experts allows you to carry out your projects, from planning to design and validation of results. Our internal resources and various partners give us expertise in project planning, certified drone pilots, industry-certified technical specialists, various on-board sensors, the environmental field, geomatics, data analysis and validation.
Thus, DroneXperts can support in the different spheres of new product development. Our specialized partners of choice allow us to extend our expertise in different areas that will meet your needs.

Principles of collaboration

Our collaborations are numerous in the development of new products.

dronexperts inrs test crone water


A drone sampling system that redefines traditional boundaries

Our project, DroneXpAIR, which aroused great interest with its multiple sensors for measuring air quality and its three simultaneous sampling systems, was a finalist in three competitions related to environmental and engineering technologies. This project involved specialists and partners of choice: Center for Industrial Research of Quebec (INRS), Investissement Quebec (CRIQ) and the Center of Expertise in Environmental Analysis of Quebec (CEAEQ), the Ministry of the Environment and of the fight against climate change – MELCC. This project is still relevant at DroneXperts with our partners who contribute to the expertise of this system.

In this major project, we have another technological advance in the field of water in collaboration with the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS).

Air sampling service and measurements on board drones

In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies, the DroneXperts team is innovating by offering you its DroneXpAIR system, a revolutionary tool that will respond to environmental issues.

This drone-based system is an essential tool for monitoring air quality. It will allow you to fight against contaminants and atmospheric pollutants thanks to its on-board sampling and measurement systems.

The environmental market listening

This drone-based system is an essential tool for monitoring air quality. It will allow you to fight against contaminants and atmospheric pollutants thanks to its on-board direct-time sampling and measurement systems.

“With the DroneXpAIR, we intend to professionalize the measurement and sampling of air quality by drone. With this product, our company is perfectly positioned on the international market for integrated environmental technologies on drones”.

Jonathan Dupont Champagne – CEO, DroneXperts

Simultaneously allowing three certified sampling methods and real-time measurements, the DroneXpAIR module is the most complete ambient air sampling and gas detection system on the market.

Surface water samples

We are now in a new phase of development following the trial runs of the project.

In the context of the INRS Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory (TED) by drone, DroneXperts officiates as an expert and industrial partner for the Development project of a surface water sampling system on board a drone. This project is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

We are partners of INRS, we support the various work teams. We use our technical and technological expertise and we make our teams and drones available.

This project will highlight the benefits of using drones for surface water sampling: time savings, risk reduction, cost reduction and of course respect for the environment.

Drone-based surface water sampling system

Integration and performance evaluation of a sampling system on board a drone for monitoring surface water quality.

The final objective of this research is to develop and integrate a water sampling (SE) system with DroneXperts drone technology and perform tests in a controlled and real environment. The realization of this project will allow DroneXperts to market this new system and also to offer its surface water sampling service by drone. DroneXperts currently has a system for sampling and measuring ambient air by drone, the DroneXpAIR. This new system developed by INRS will add to the company’s expertise in environmental monitoring using appropriate technologies.
As part of this partnership project, the DroneXperts team supports the university team in the different phases of the project. It uses its technical and technological expertise as well as its teams of experienced pilots and its fleet of drones.
After a series of laboratory tests, flight tests were successfully carried out on December 22 on Lac St-Charles, north of Quebec City.



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