Underground DX, an essential ally for the mines !

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The exploration, characterization, exploitation and monitoring of underground galleries require numerous data collection, measurements and site analysis. It is therefore essential for stakeholders to use image acquisition and 3D modeling in order to represent the work environment and its structural characteristics as accurately as possible.

What is the Underground DX ?

In this context, the acquisition of quality images in underground galleries in the mining field is currently a challenge. In most cases, this environment is made up of a multitude of elements influencing and limiting the quality of images and videos acquired with digital cameras and their standard lighting support. Whether it is suspended particles, humidity, lack of light or inadequate lighting, all these elements reduce the chances of success in the processing and/or analysis of images.

The Underground DX is an instrument developed by the DroneXperts team, for the mining field. It integrates power and uniform lighting in one system, in addition to taking quality images. Not only is this system robust, but the accuracy of its results allows processing in photogrammetry and the creation of a database of reliable and representative images of the site.

Data collection with the Undergroud DX.

Functional principle

This versatile system allows the user to collect imagery with a powerful camera, chosen according to specific criteria, and a powerful lighting system. The camera is specifically chosen according to its sensor size, low light performance, resolution, focal length, ruggedness and other criteria to make it stand out in such an environment. Depending on the model supplied, it can also be programmed to automate the shooting.

The lighting system has the particularity of covering uniformly the whole surface covered by the lens and the sensor of the camera. Leaving no shaded areas, this greatly facilitates photogrammetric processing and visual analysis.

Ne laissant aucune zone d’ombrage, cela facilite grandement les traitements en photogrammétrie ainsi que l’analyse visuelle. It can be used at any time by an operator who has received adequate training in image acquisition protocols.

The system also stands out for its flexibility, its compatibility with several cameras.

The fields of application

This instrument is mainly intended for any site operator and manager who needs to capture reliable visual information. Depending on your needs, it is an excellent complement or replacement for the standard laser modeling systems used by the industry. The photogrammetric processing of the images allows modeling and measurement.

The fields of application are not limited only to the mining field, but for any need of image in environment including limitations such as tunnels, cave or certain infrastructures.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different missions that the Underground DX can accomplish :

  • Image collection ;
  • Taking videos ;
  • Photogrammetry : 3D modeling, measurements ;
  • Visual inspection ;
  • Visual characterization of structure ;
  • Exploration.



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