DroneXperts at the forefront of Quebec’s energy transition through environmental monitoring

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The energy transition is a global priority, and Quebec is no exception. This transition, from a fossil fuel-based energy model to a green economy, raises many challenges, but also offers considerable opportunities. For DroneXperts, a center of expertise specializing in drone technologies, this transformation represents an opportunity to provide innovative environmental solutions.

Understanding Quebec’s energy transition

Quebec has exceptional renewable energy potential, thanks mainly to its vast water, wind and forest resources. The energy transition in this Canadian province involves maximizing the use of these resources while minimizing the carbon footprint. The aim is to achieve a greener, more sustainable economy that is more resilient to climate change.

How can we achieve a green economy in Quebec?

Achieving a green economy in Quebec requires a series of coordinated and strategic actions. These include increasing renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency and supporting innovation in green technologies. A green economy also depends on reducing energy consumption and encouraging industries, businesses and consumers to adopt sustainable practices.

Quebec’s Energy Transition Act

To frame and accelerate the energy transition, the Quebec government has introduced specific legislation. The Energy Transition Act aims to establish a legal framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing renewable energy production and improving energy efficiency in all spheres of the economy. It also imposes clear targets and strict deadlines to ensure progress towards a greener economy.

The government’s role in the energy transition

The government plays a key role in Quebec’s energy transition. Through subsidies, regulations and incentive programs, it fosters innovation, supports green technologies and encourages investment in renewable energies. The government acts as a federator, facilitating collaboration between the various players in the energy sector, research institutions and innovative companies.

Innovation and technological advances for green energy

Innovation and technological advances are at the heart of the transition to green energy. New solutions are emerging, particularly in the fields of energy storage, smart grids and solar energy. These technologies enable renewable energies to be better integrated into the power grid, making the energy system more flexible and efficient.

DroneXperts, environmental solutions for a sustainable future

It is in this context of innovation that DroneXperts is positioning itself as a player in Quebec’s energy transition, thanks to its innovative solutions that harness drone technology for the environment. Our R&D department designs products that contribute to environmental monitoring.

The ENVIRO-DX product range

At DroneXpertswe are actively committed to contributing to a sustainable future by adapting our practices and developing environmentally-friendly solutions.

Our goal goes beyond commercial success. We aim to have a positive impact on society by helping industries minimize their environmental footprint, protect natural resources and safeguard the well-being of communities. We believe that by providing advanced control and characterization tools, we can bring about significant change.

To achieve this, we innovate in the use, implementation and creation of solutions that enable individuals, organizations and governments to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to protect and preserve the environment.


Visit AIR-SERIES is a tool specially designed to monitor and characterize the environment by collecting and measuring atmospheric pollutants in real time. Paired with a drone, it can cover vast sites, including areas that are difficult to access or potentially dangerous for humans.

This innovative solution enables companies to objectively assess their GHG emissions and reduce their environmental impact by implementing concrete actions. Visit AIR-SERIES provides a better representation of air quality.

What makes this innovation unique is its ability to take samples using three industry-recognized sampling methods. In addition to sampling, the AIR-SERIES can also measure up to six different gases in real time, with geo-referenced data.


Visit HYDRO-SERIES allows you to carry out water sampling campaigns. Our airborne sampling solutions enable precise and efficient characterization of different water bodies.

By collecting precise data, we can obtain physico-chemical parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen or contaminants present. These elements support research, environmental management and water resource management efforts.



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