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DroneXperts always manages to stand out for the quality of its products and services, but also for its unique innovations. Even the media is interested.

This week we had the opportunity to talk about our new technologies including the AIR-DX with various media during the official pre-launch at the Quebec Mines and Energy tradeshow.

The AIR-DX is an air sampling system that determines air quality. This innovation, created by ENVIRO-DX, a division of DroneXperts, aims to reduce the ecological footprint of as many companies as possible.

What makes the innovation unique: the ability to take 3 types of samples at once. The location and concentration measurements are geo-referenced data. Seven different gases can be viewed on a map. In addition, the realization of this project required a close collaboration with the experts of Investment Quebec – Industrial research center (CRIQ) and the Center of expertise in environmental analysis of Quebec (CEAEQ).

The product is available now for pre-order for companies wishing to purchase it to quickly take air samples in hard-to-reach locations. Contact us to find out more about the potential of AIR-DX in your organization.

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