Presentation of the DroneXpAIR project at the 22nd symposium of the Saint-Laurent Chapter

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The Saint-Laurent Chapter is a Quebec organization affiliated with two international groups: the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) and the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). It brings together specialists and stakeholders from the fields of environmental chemistry and toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental health, environmental engineering, risk assessment and management.

The Saint-Laurent Chapter was founded on November 18, 1996. Its objectives are to serve as a forum for discussion and consultation for its members, to identify development needs, to encourage scientific research and to promote training and education. teaching in its fields of interest while promoting interaction between specialists from different academic, industrial, governmental and consulting services environments.

Innovative drone-assisted ambient air quality sampling and measurement system

The use of unmanned aircraft (UAVs or drones) for work or leisure is becoming more widespread. To the point where Transport Canada has been obliged to regulate their use to ensure the safety of the public and the airspace. To the point where Transport Canada has been obliged to regulate their use to ensure the safety of the public and the airspace. In addition, the growing issues related to air quality (nuisances, effects on the health of citizens, mortality rate and protection of the environment) mean that the needs for systems and equipment for the characterization and ambient air quality monitoring are becoming increasingly important.

The CRIQ, in collaboration with its partners DroneXperts and the Center d’expertise en analyze environnement du Québec (CEAEQ), carried out an R&D project that made it possible to develop, manufacture and test an innovative drone-assisted system allowing the sampling of ambient air and the measurement of certain atmospheric contaminants on sites difficult to access with conventional methods. We can think of certain industrial chimneys without safe access, tank vents, uncovered basin surfaces, smoke plumes during accidents or major fires, etc.
This conference will briefly reveal the “DroneAir” concept developed and its technical particularities which make it one of the most complete airborne sampling and measurement systems currently available. In addition, some test results in real and controlled conditions, carried out in collaboration with the City of Quebec, will be presented.



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