Obtaining funding from Investissement Québec for the DroneXpAIR concept

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« We are proud to have obtained major support from our partner for the development of our project, a financial contribution of 50% of the overall project cost of $250K. This step allows us to really position ourselves on the international market of environmental technologies integrated on drones.»

Jonathan Dupont Champagne, CEO – DroneXperts

Since 2012, DroneXperts has been one of the pioneers and pioneering Canadian leaders in innovative robotics and artificial intelligence solutions integrated into drones, with a strong presence in the international environmental technology market.

This drone-based system is an essential tool for monitoring ambient air quality and combating atmospheric contaminants thanks to its on-board sampling and measurement systems.

In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies helping with environmental issues, DroneXperts is in the marketing phase of its DroneXpAIR system.

Innovative benefits

  • 3 standardized sampling methods ;
  • Real-time measurement system with several gases simultaneously ;
  • Geo-referenced data.

Simultaneously allowing three standardized sampling methods and real-time measurements, the DroneXpAIR module is the most complete ambient air sampling system. This additional data will help the various stakeholders to better manage air quality and better control environmental and public health standards.
This system for sampling and measuring ambient air by drone was produced in partnership with the Center de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) of Investissement Québec and the Center of expertise in environmental analysis of Québec (CEAEQ) of Ministry of the Environment and the fight against climate change – MELCC.

About DroneXperts

Our mission is to professionalize the integration of drones using robotics and artificial intelligence by enabling easy, fast and accurate data collection, especially in the mining, civil engineering industry, energy and environmental technologies in Canada and abroad Our team has about twenty dedicated employees: sales, distribution, business services, environment, research and development, training and workshop repair and maintenance.



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