Investment of $750,000 in the environment: DroneXperts and the City of Quebec are joining forces for a technological advance.

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The innovative company DroneXperts is proud to announce a new partnership with the City of Quebec which will show the multiple benefits of using the DroneXpAIR in specific needs environmental characterizations. This Technological Showcase project will be spread over two years (2020-2021), and will be carried out thanks to the financial support of the Vision entrepreneuriale Québec 2023 program of the City of Québec. This business success is a great source of pride for the Mayor of Quebec City, Mr. Régis Labeaume.

“Companies like DroneXperts demonstrate once again that Quebec is an active entrepreneurial city“, declared the mayor of Quebec, Mr. Régis Labeaume.
With the Entrepreneurial Vision Québec 2023, we are pursuing several objectives, including that of making Québec the most entrepreneurial city in the country. Financial support from visionary companies brings us ever closer to this goal. I salute the audacity of DroneXperts and its ambition to promote its expertise internationally, and wish it the greatest success !

In the era of climate change and the need for innovation in clean technologies helping with environmental issues, DroneXperts is in the marketing phase of its DroneXpAIR system. This drone-based system will be an essential tool in monitoring air quality and combating atmospheric contaminants thanks to its on-board sampling and measurement systems. This additional data will help the various stakeholders to better manage air quality and better control environmental and public health standards.


It should also be noted that this system for sampling and measuring ambient air by drone was produced thanks to a solid partnership with the Quebec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ) of Investissement Québec and the Quebec Center of Expertise in Environmental Analysis (CEAEQ) from Ministry of the Environment and the fight against climate change – MELCC. The mission of Investissement Québec – CRIQ is to provide technological support and industrial innovation services in addition to carrying out simulations, tests and analyzes for manufacturing companies in Quebec. While that of the CEAEQ – MELCC is to guarantee the availability, quality and continuity of expertise and analytical information for the needs of environmental protection and resource conservation.

About DroneXperts

About DroneXperts – The company is a center of expertise that professionalizes the integration of drones using robotics and artificial intelligence. It has about twenty employees in several distinctive departments: sales, distribution, environment, research and development, training and workshop repair. DroneXperts is on its way to becoming the Canadian leader in integrated drone environmental technologies.



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