« An environmental innovation developed in partnership with DroneXperts» will be used in a large Canadian environmental DNA project.

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DroneXperts will be a key collaborator in the project “iTrackDNA: Non-destructive precision genomics for monitoring environmental impacts in the era of global climate change”. The project, valued at more than $12 million, was financed as part of a competition organized by Genome Canada and Génome Québec, on genomic solutions for natural resources and the environment. Its objective is to create tools for analyzing environmental DNA (eDNA).

Environmental DNA is a cutting-edge technique that involves identifying species from the genetic material they leave behind in their environment. This material can be collected by sampling water, air, sediment and soil. This method has the advantage of being fast, reliable and cost-effective, without harming the environment.

DroneXperts’ participation in the iTrackDNA project is part of its overall mission, which is to reduce the ecological footprint of as many organizations as possible. Indeed, the information provided by eDNA will allow researchers and organizations to have a portrait of the living beings that inhabit a particular ecosystem in order to better understand and protect them.

As part of this project, DroneXperts will provide 4 surface water samplers on board drones, to allow the development of analytical tools on eDNA.

In addition to the devices, the company will also offer training in the field, through Patrick Chatelle, Environment and R&D Director.

« DroneXperts is proud to participate in this pan-Canadian project and to have quality partners. The development of environmental solutions is a priority with regard to current issues. This drone-mounted water sampler will greatly improve current methods and will be a great addition to our Enviro-Xperts products. ». Patrick Chatelle, Environment and R&D Director at DroneXperts.

INRS and DroneXperts have already been collaborating for 2 years in the development of a innovative water sampling solution aiming to be used by the greatest number of industries, research centers and universities.

The potential of the drone in environmental research projects

In an era where environmental research must answer important questions and provide innovative solutions, it is necessary to have systems and methods of collection and analysis that can provide accurate data without being harmful to the environment. .

Drones represent clean technology. They have the ability to fly over dangerous, polluted or difficult to access areas without endangering the environment or humans.

DroneXperts, reference in drones in Canada since 2012, develops innovative robotics and artificial intelligence solutions integrated on drones, with a strong presence in Canada and soon on the international market.

We work to design technologies that professionalize the integration of drones by enabling easy, fast and accurate data collection, especially in the mining, civil engineering industry, energy and environmental technology sectors in Canada and abroad.



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