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On-board technologies for UAVs

We specialize in embedded drone technologies. Our advanced solutions deliver data and actionable insights, enabling individuals and organizations to make informed decisions.

At ENVIRO-DX, our mission is to leverage drone technology to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. By providing accurate data, we enable individuals, organizations and governments to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

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Air quality monitoring solutions

Monitor and optimize air quality with the AIR-Series. Our advanced devices provide  data on pollutants, particulate matter, and more. Whether you’re concerned about air quality or need to comply with environmental regulations, our solutions offer accurate measurements and actionable information to drive informed decisions.

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Underground data aquisition

Discover the power of the GROUND-SERIES for underground data acquisition. Our cutting-edge technology enables efficient mapping and analysis of subsurface features thanks to its constant light allowing perfect 3D modeling. Stay ahead with accurate and up-to-date information to enhance planning, reduce risks, and optimize resource allocation.

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Water quality sampling

Dive into the Hydro-Series for comprehensive water quality sampling. Our advanced drones enable precise and efficient assessment of various water bodies. Collect data on parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and contaminants to support research, environmental management, and water resource planning efforts. Make informed decisions and contribute to the preservation of our valuable water resources.

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Our success is based on a solid alliance with our customers and partners. Their aspirations, challenges and trust shape our commitment to raising the standards of automated aviation. Every interaction with our customers becomes an opportunity to learn and grow together, while our partners play a crucial role in realizing our vision.

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