A robust and integrated system for visual data acquisition in underground galleries

Get quality images or videos in any environment

The UNDERGROUND-DX is an integrated and robust system for image acquisition in hostile environments or environments unsuitable for standard equipment, such as underground galleries, tunnels, large pipes etc.

It allows the acquisition of photographic or video images in places where a drone cannot fly and where the lighting and environment is inadequate for the use of a camera with a standard flash (darkness, suspended particles). It complements or replaces the use of any other modeling or image acquisition system, whether terrestrial or aerial.

Fields of application


3D Modeling

Visual inspection

Visual production


Visualization of structures

An excellent ally for the mining industry

The UNDERGROUND-DX allows the documentation of sites by imaging and 3D modeling by photogrammetry. It stands out for its robustness, the simplicity to use it and its low cost.

Features and components